Carol Sente is a business woman with experience putting people to work and managing budgets. A fiscal conservative, Sente has stood against tax increases and used her experiences in business to make state spending more efficient and effective. Because legislators should lead by example, Sente has voted to cut her own salary by requiring legislators to work unpaid furlough days and blocking raises for elected officials.

She helped usher in budget reforms that require the state to go through the budget line by line in bi-partisan committees to put together responsible spending plans for the people of Illinois, not special interests. This has resulted in millions of dollars in savings by eliminating waste, fraud, duplication and programs that are no longer working.

Born and raised in the northern suburbs, Sente knows that we have some of the best schools in country. She serves as a member of the House Elementary & Secondary Education Appropriations Committee to help ensure schools have the funding they need to provide students ongoing opportunities to earn an education. Prior to becoming State Representative, Sente volunteered to help students who lost a parent afford a college education, and was a counselor for eight years at achildren's Burn Camp.

As the former owner of an architectural firm focused on designing environmentally friendly buildings, Sente understands that green technology can not only help preserve the environment, but can save money and put people back to work. Our state's open prairies present agreat opportunity for Illinois to become a leader in green energy, andas Vice-Chair of the Environmental Committee, Sente will continue tofight for increased wind and solar generators for Illinoisans.

Carol Sente is a first generation American; her parents immigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe to seek a better life following the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and devastation of World War II. They instilled in her a sense of civic duty and responsibility. She lives in Vernon Hills and is the former vice president of the Vernon Hills Park District Board, where she served for four years. Sente was appointed State Representative in 2009 to complete the remainder of the unexpired term of former State Representative Kathy Ryg and was elected to her first full term in 2010.

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